Congratulations to the Winners of our “What Can You Do With Avery Dennison" Contest!

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry to Harbor’s contest. We were impressed by the breadth of ingenuity and creativity on display. It’s truly amazing what you can do with Avery! It did make it hard to choose, however, from so many clever and innovative entries.

Jeff Chudoff - 1st Place

Avery 1005 with DOL 1360 gloss
"This job was designed in Flexi Sign. The logo was designed in vector then taken into photo shop and finishes added. We ordered a sheet of 1” black PVC, had the circle cut, the rectangle cut and each letter. Avery 1005 with 1360 gloss lamination was applied to the shapes. The letters and rectangle were attached with VHB tape and the piece was installed with blind clips"

Materials Used:
Avery MPI-1105 (Formerly MPI-1005) DOL 1360 Gloss PVC Sheets VHB Tape

Hilary Howes - 2nd Place

Avery Holographic vinyls
"This event was all about bouncing LED and laser light around the room for a very hip reception for a software company client. The Avery Holographic vinyls applied to the tubes bounced light around like a peacock tail shaped mirror ball. Like a disco but in a fun futuristic way."

Materials Used:
Avery 100 Specialty Films

Matthew Denton - 3rd Place

Avery 700 High performance
"This is one of my most favorite pieces! I made this for a business in Martinsburg WV called the HUB. It hangs in their billiards room. It took me about 2 weeks to cut the vinyl, weed, tape and apply it to the sheet metal. I started with a photograph. I then vectorized it using Adobe Illustrator. Next, I cut each color out of vinyl using a large scale vinyl plotter/cutter. After weeding out the the negative pieces, I transferred, by hand, each piece onto a sheet of metal. Materials used were a 4’X8’ sheet of .040 aluminum and leftover partial rolls of Avery 700 High performance vinyl."

Materials Used:
Avery HP 700 High Performance Aluminum Sheets